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Denix's Replica of SS Schutzstaffel Honor Dagger 1933 - Ref. 4034: Historical Authenticity and Unique Design


Discover the exact replica of the SS Schutzstaffel Honor Dagger from Germany 1933, a historical symbol of power, now available through Denix with reference 4034. This collectible piece, meticulously recreated, measures 38 cm and weighs 280 g, highlighting its construction in metal and lined black plastic, reflecting the authenticity and quality of the materials used.

The original dagger was a distinctive feature of the SS, established in 1925 and known for their crucial role in the Third Reich. Under Heinrich Himmler, the SS evolved from a small paramilitary unit to one of the largest organizations in the Nazi regime, involved in numerous acts of brutality and genocide during World War II. Denix's replica accurately captures the era's details and design, making it an essential piece for historians, collectors, and enthusiasts of the World War period.

It includes details such as the unique military ranks and insignia of the SS, reflecting Denix's commitment to offering historically accurate reproductions. Acquire this replica and own a piece of history.

41,98€ tax incl.

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