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    Discover the M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine, USA 1942, a high-quality historical replica made by Denix (reference 1132/C). This unique piece is a faithful representation of the semi-automatic/automatic carbine widely used during World War II and the Korean War. With dimensions of 90 cm and a weight of 2,393 g, this replica is meticulously crafted with...

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    Thomposon M1 used in the II Wolrd War, USA 1928

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    Explore the replica of the legendary M1 Garand rifle by Denix, reference 1105, a symbol of military history. This replica, crafted in metal and wood, features a simulated loading and firing mechanism, reflecting Denix's quality and authenticity. Designed by John C. Garand in 1928, the M1 Garand was the first standard semi-automatic rifle used by the U.S....

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    Dive into military history with the M1 Carbine USA 1941 replica by Denix, reference 1120/C. This carbine, emblematic in World War II and the Korean War, was one of the standard weapons of the United States Army. The M1 Carbine, measuring 90 cm in length and weighing 2,172 g, is a masterpiece in wood and metal. Denix's replica captures the essence of the...

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    Experience history with the replica of the MP41 Machine Gun, Germany 1940, manufactured by Denix under reference 1124/C. This meticulously replicated piece offers a unique glimpse into one of the most recognized military artifacts of World War II. Measuring 86 cm in length and weighing 3,235 g, this replica in wood, metal, and leather reflects the essence...

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    Musket made by Endfield, England 1853

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    Discover the M1A1 Paratrooper Carbine replica by Denix (Reference 1131/C), a true icon of military history. Crafted with metal, wood, and leather strap, this carbine is an accurate reproduction of the model used by the U.S. Army during World War II and the Korean War. Measuring 90 cm in length and weighing 2.302 g, the M1A1 Carbine was renowned for its...

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    Descripción: Discover the grandeur of the Enfield Rifle P/60 1860 with Denix's exact replica (Reference 1046). This detailed reproduction pays tribute to the famous British rifle, known for its extensive use in the British and Indian armies during the 19th century. Product Specifications: Total Length: 102 cm, reflecting the authentic dimensions of the...

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    Discover the Denix replica of the Carbine Mod.66, USA 1866, reference 1140/G. This detailed replica, measuring 100 cm and weighing 3,000 g, combines high-quality materials such as wood and metal. It emulates the iconic 19th-century "Yellow Boy" with simulated loading and firing mechanisms, reflecting Nelson King's innovative horizontal movement lock. Used...

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    Discover the replica of the iconic Mare's Leg rifle, Ref. 1095, by Denix. This accurate reproduction, measuring 50 cm and weighing 1,487 g, captures the essence of the American West and the Civil War era (1861-1899). Made from metal and wood, it features a simulated loading and firing mechanism, reminiscent of the legendary short repeating rifle with...

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    Immerse yourself in the history of World War II with the replica of the STG 44 Rifle, Germany 1943, created by Denix under reference 1125/C. This meticulously crafted replica reflects the revolutionary German engineering, being one of the most emblematic weapons of the conflict. With dimensions of 93 cm in length and a weight of 4.824 g, this masterpiece...

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    M16A1 assault rifle, USA 1967 (Vietnam War)

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    Explore the fascinating world of historical weapons with the PPSh-41 Submachine Gun replica, manufactured by Denix under reference 9301. This iconic Soviet submachine gun, key in World War II, is a testament to the wartime ingenuity of that era. Made of metal and wood, the PPSh-41 was renowned for its robustness and reliability, becoming one of the most...

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    British "Brown Bess" musket used in Napoleonic Wars (1799-1815)

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    "The Sharps rifle was produced by the Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Company in Hartford, Connecticut. It was used in the Civil War by the United States Army's sharpshooters. Features: This reproduction of this Old West classic simulates firing mechanisms, loading with the lever action and pulling the trigger. Materials: Wood and metal alloy MEASURES 125 cm...

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    The Replica of the Sharps Military Carbine from 1859, reference 1142 by Denix, is a faithful recreation of one of the most emblematic weapons of the American Civil War. Made of wood and metal, this replica measures 101 cm in length and weighs 2,505 g, reflecting the era's craftsmanship. Based on Christian Sharps' original 1848 design, the Sharps carbine...

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    Discover the STEN Mark II replica, made by Denix with reference 1148, an icon of World War II. Born in 1940, this UK submachine gun was essential when England faced the threat of German invasion. The Sten Mark II stands out for its simple and effective design, recognized for its use by airborne troops and special forces in resistance against German...

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    Dive into history with the replica of the Model 1873, a lever-action repeating rifle, reference 1253/L by Denix. Made with high-quality materials in metal and wood, this piece measures 99 cm and weighs 2,650 g. The Model 1873, known as 'The Gun that Won the West', was essential in the expansion of the U.S. West and inspired the movie “Winchester ’73”....

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