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Exact Replica MP41 Machine Gun Germany 1940 by Denix Ref. 1124/C: Authentic and Detailed for Collectors


Experience history with the replica of the MP41 Machine Gun, Germany 1940, manufactured by Denix under reference 1124/C. This meticulously replicated piece offers a unique glimpse into one of the most recognized military artifacts of World War II. Measuring 86 cm in length and weighing 3,235 g, this replica in wood, metal, and leather reflects the essence of the original German design. The MP41 was a key weapon during the war, known for its reliability and combat efficiency.

Denix, renowned for its attention to detail and authenticity, has recreated this machine gun with astonishing precision. The MP41, with its distinctive leather strap and robust construction, was a key piece on the battlefronts, admired for both its performance and ergonomic design. This replica is not only a collectible item but also an educational tool, providing deep insight into military history. Owning this replica means having a tangible piece of history, perfect for exhibitions, historical education, or as a valuable addition to any military artifact collection

240,00€ tax incl.

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