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Detailed Replica of the Walther P38: The Jewel of the German Wehrmacht


Discover the replica of the Walther P38, an icon of the Wehrmacht during the Second World War. Made by Denix with reference 1081, this replica is a faithful representation of the design and history. Measurements: 24 cm, Weight: 710 g, and made of metal and black plastic, every detail has been carefully reproduced.

The original Walther P38 was a significant technological advancement in its time. Developed in the 1930s for the German army, it was first seen in 1938 and stood out for its locked breech and double-action trigger, a novelty at the time. This mechanism allowed for greater safety and efficiency on the battlefield. In addition, its ergonomic and efficient design made it ideal for combat, with a movable barrel mechanism that provided outstanding precision.

The P38 was mass-produced during World War II and continued its production in the post-war period, adapting to the needs of West Germany and regional police forces with variants like the P1 and P4.

This replica is more than a collector's item; it's a piece of history, a tribute to technical innovation and a significant period in world history. Ideal for collectors, military history enthusiasts, and replica weapon aficionados.

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