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Réplica Walther PPK da Waffen SS, Alemanha 1931 - Denix 1277/NQ


Discover the replica of the semi-automatic Walther PPK pistol from Denix, reference 1277/NQ. Made of metal and plastic grips, this historical replica of the weapon used by the German army during World War II measures 18 cm and weighs 590 g. Originating in Germany in 1931 and known by its initials PPK, from "PolizeiPistole Kurz", this weapon holds a prominent place in history, being used by Adolf Hitler for his suicide. It was the first semi-automatic pistol safe to carry with a chambered round and became popular as the favorite of Western secret services and in popular culture, as the weapon of James Bond 007 and detective M.J. in Copycat. With this replica, you can feel like a secret agent at the service of Her Majesty.

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