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Denix Derringer Pistol Replica, Ref. 1262/L: An Icon of the Wild West


Discover the replica of the Derringer pistol by Denix, reference 1262/L, a true representation of a classic in firearm history. Measuring 13.5 cm and weighing 300 g, this replica, made of imitation mother-of-pearl and metal, is a tribute to the weapon that marked an era. Originally created by Henry Deringer in 1828, the Derringer is a small, concealable pistol, initially single-shot and muzzle-loading, that evolved to include more barrels and the ability to fire multiple rounds without reloading. By the 19th century, Derringers evolved to use cartridges instead of muzzle-loading, becoming compact personal protection tools. The 1262/L replica captures the essence of this iconic weapon, making it an essential piece for collectors and enthusiasts of the Wild West.

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