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Replica Civil War 'Navy' Revolver 1851 with Imitation Ivory Grips - Denix 1040/B


Discover the replica of the Civil War 'Navy' Revolver, USA 1851, reference 1040/B by Denix, a unique historical piece. Originally designed by Samuel Colt between 1847 and 1850, this revolver became an American history icon, noted for its lightness and adaptability for belt holster carrying, ideal during the westward expansion of the United States

Denix's replica faithfully captures the essence of this legendary revolver, featuring dimensions of 35 cm, a weight of 1.050 g, and crafted with high-quality materials like metal and imitation ivory grips

The cylinder is engraved with a scene from the victory of the second Texan Navy at the Battle of Campeche (1843), a historical detail reflecting Colt's attention to art and history

This model was widely used by historical figures like Wild Bill Hickok and Robert E. Lee, marking its place in American history. Denix's replica is not just a collectible item but a tribute to the era of the American Civil War and a faithful representation of one of the most iconic revolvers of the 19th century

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