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Denix Peacemaker Cal.45 4.75" Revolver Replica - Ref. M-1280/L: A Western Classic


The replica of the Peacemaker Cal.45 4.75" revolver by Denix, reference M-1280/L, is a true recreation of one of the most emblematic revolvers of the American Old West. Measuring 29 cm in length and weighing 940 g, this handcrafted replica, made of wood and metal, captures the essence of the legendary Colt Peacemaker. Originally designed by Samuel Colt in 1873, the Peacemaker, also known as the Single Action Army (SAA), was manufactured in various barrel lengths, with the 4.75-inch version being one of the most popular. This revolver was not only adopted by the U.S. Army but also gained notoriety among citizens, aided by its use of ammunition compatible with the Winchester M1873 rifle, which facilitated its popularity as a short weapon. Also known as Frontier or Widowmaker, the Peacemaker became a cultural icon, widely used by historical figures such as Wyatt Earp and William “Bat Masterson” Barclay, and later immortalized in cinema by stars like John Wayne and Gary Cooper. The M-1280/L replica from Denix offers an authentic experience, perfect for collectors and enthusiasts of Old West weaponry.

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