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Replica Civil War 'Navy' Revolver 1851 - Denix 1040/L


Discover the history and legacy with the replica of the Civil War 'Navy' Revolver, USA 1851, reference 1040/L by Denix. This model, a 19th-century engineering masterpiece, was designed by Samuel Colt between 1847 and 1850, quickly becoming a symbol of the era. The Colt Navy 1851 was noted for its lightness and suitable size for belt holster carrying, making it a popular choice during the westward expansion in the United States

The revolver's cylinder, engraved with a scene from the Battle of Campeche, reflects the historical importance and artistic detail of the time

Notable users of the Colt Navy included figures like Wild Bill Hickok and Robert E. Lee, cementing its place in American history

Denix's replica stands out for its historical accuracy and craftsmanship, with dimensions of 35 cm, a weight of 1.050 g, and made with materials like wood and metal, faithfully replicating the original design【6†source】. This replica is not just a collectible item but also a piece of living history, a tribute to the era of the American Civil War.

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