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Replica Colt Peacemaker .45 Black Revolver USA 1873 Denix 1186/N



  • Magnificent reproduction made in metal alloy.
  • Three finishes: Nickel, Black, and Silver.
  • Simulates all the loading mechanisms of the drum, which rotates when the trigger is pressed. The hammer is activated with the trigger.
  • The grips are made of wood.
  • Weight: 920 gr.
  • Measures: 29 cm.

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73,41€ tax incl.


No weapon can better reflect the history of the American Wild West like the Colt revolver, its unmistakable appearance evokes the names of those men who made the Wild West a legend. It's hard to imagine a "western" movie without the silhouette of the Colt Single Action Army. Besides less popular nicknames, the most identifying one was "peacemaker."

This revolver began production in 1873 at the Hartford (Connecticut) factory. It was the first Colt revolver with a single solid body and the first to load metallic cartridges in the drum. It also incorporated a peculiar loading system with the hammer in two positions, the first of which the weapon had to be set to load the cartridges in the drum.

Samuel Colt advanced the technology of this revolver, taking advantage of his company's excellent moment as, since 1847, it was the official supplier to the American army, which chose Colt revolvers during the war with the Mexican army. However, his premature death at 47 in 1862 prevented him from seeing the greatness of this design's success.

As soon as it appeared on the market, the pistol was widely used by the army's cavalry and began to gain a reputation for robustness and reliability, leading many citizens to acquire one.

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