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Denix 1109/N Peacemaker 7½" Revolver Replica - History and Craftsmanship of the Old West


Discover the Denix 1109/N Revolver Replica, a true representation of the legendary Peacemaker Cal.45, a symbol of the Old West and the American Civil War era. Meticulously crafted with metal and plastic grip mimicking ivory, this 35 cm and 1,020 g collectible piece evokes the history and design of the original created by Samuel Colt in 1873. Used by both the US army and civilians, the Peacemaker stood out for its ammunition compatible with the Winchester M1873 rifle. Admired in classic cinema and carried by historical figures like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Roosevelt, and George S. Patton, this replica captures the essence of an era defined by its robustness and cultural legacy.

72,87€ tax incl.

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