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Replica of the 7½" Peacemaker revolver by Denix, reference 1107/NQ


Discover the replica of the 7½" Peacemaker revolver by Denix, reference 1107/NQ, a tribute to the history of the Wild West. With dimensions of 35 cm and a weight of 1,020 g, this meticulously crafted replica in metal and wood offers astonishing realism. The original Peacemaker, designed by Samuel Colt in 1873, stood out for its use in the US Army and popularity in the Wild West, thanks to its caliber compatible with the Winchester M1873 rifle. Also known as Single Action Army (SAA), Frontier, or Widowmaker, this revolver was immortalized in the westerns of the 40s and 50s, associated with legendary figures like John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Roosevelt, and George S. Patton. The 1107/NQ replica from Denix captures the essence of this iconic revolver, providing a unique experience for collectors and history enthusiasts.

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