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P/60 rifle made by Endfield, England 1860 Denix - ref 1046


Descripción: Discover the grandeur of the Enfield Rifle P/60 1860 with Denix's exact replica (Reference 1046). This detailed reproduction pays tribute to the famous British rifle, known for its extensive use in the British and Indian armies during the 19th century.

Product Specifications:

  • Total Length: 102 cm, reflecting the authentic dimensions of the original rifle.
  • Weight: 2,320 grams, for a realistic weight and handling experience.
  • Materials: Made of wood and metal alloy, with simulated external firing mechanisms.
  • Historical Context: The Enfield Rifle P/60 was a central piece in the British arsenal, standing out for its accuracy and firing speed. This rifle played a crucial role in various military conflicts, being an evolution of the Pattern 1853 Enfield model, converted to a breech-loading system from 1866. The Mark III version of the rifle, completely newly manufactured, was notable for its steel barrel and improved bolt-locking system.

Historical Importance: The Enfield P/60 was not only a fundamental piece in the army but also marked a significant advancement in firearm technology. Its ability to fire up to ten rounds per minute in the hands of a trained soldier made it superior to its predecessors and earned it a prominent place in military history.

The Denix replica of the Enfield Rifle P/60 1860 is a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. With its detailed design and faithful construction to the original, it is an essential item for collectors and enthusiasts of military history and firearms.

Replica Enfield Rifle P/60 1860

  • Historical Denix Rifle
  • Military and Historical Collectibles
  • British Military Rifle

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