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Denix's Sawed-Off Shotgun Replica - Ref. 1114: Historical Authenticity


Explore the replica of the sawed-off shotgun by Denix, reference 1114, a must-have for fans of the American West history. Measuring 52.5 cm and weighing 1,834 g, this replica in metal and wood offers a unique experience. Originally, this pistol was adapted by Wyatt Earp, one of the most legendary figures of the West, known for his role in the O.K. Corral shootout and for his uncompromising justice. Designed to be lighter and more manageable, this weapon symbolizes cunning and resilience in adverse situations. The 1114 replica from Denix faithfully captures the spirit of the Old West, making it a gem for historical reenactors and collectors

147,50€ tax incl.

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