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Replica of the 1860 Henry Rifle: A Gem of American History


Discover the exact replica of the Henry Rifle, an icon of the American Civil War and the precursor to the famous Winchester rifle. This masterpiece from Denix, reference 1030/L, brings history to life with astonishing details. Dimensions: 111 cm; Weight: 2,780 g; Materials: Wood and Metal, each element meticulously chosen to offer an authentic experience. The original Henry Rifle, designed by Benjamin Tyler Henry in 1860, was a revolution in weaponry with its 16-shot capacity in .44 caliber and a lever-action mechanism. It stood out in the Battle of Little Bighorn and was prized for its greater firepower compared to standard muskets. Its high rate of fire and its use by Union soldiers and in battles against the Plains Indians make it a symbol of bravery and innovation. This replica not only honors the original design but also the combative spirit and technical skill of a crucial era in American history

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