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Rifle "Yellow Boy" Replica Carbine Mod.66 from 1866 - Denix 1140/L: Historical Authenticity and Craftsmanship


Discover the Denix replica of the Carbine Mod.66, USA 1866, reference 1140/L. This detailed replica, measuring 100 cm and weighing 3,000 g, combines high-quality materials such as wood and metal. It emulates the iconic 19th-century "Yellow Boy" with simulated loading and firing mechanisms, reflecting Nelson King's innovative horizontal movement lock. Used by cowboys, lawmen, and settlers, this lever-action repeating carbine was a milestone in the Indian Wars and American expansion. Ideal for collectors and western enthusiasts

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Created from the "Henry" rifle, the 1866 Winchester Lever-action has gone down in history as "The Gun that Won the West". Its unique golden frame earned it the nickname "The Yellow Boy" among Indian tribes. From 1866 to 1998, 170,000 pieces were manufactured at the Winchester factory in Connecticut. This weapon fired a 44 caliber loaded from the side receiver.

The Denix replica of the Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle is a magnificent reproduction of one of the most iconic firearms of the American Old West. With a design faithful to the original, this replica boasts excellent quality in its finish and details, making it a unique collector's item.

The Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" rifle has a unique style evident in its octagonal barrel and lever-action mechanism, a distinctive feature of this type of rifles. Additionally, this replica accurately simulates all firing mechanisms, allowing firearm enthusiasts to firsthand experience the thrill of loading and firing a period weapon.

Made of metal and wood, the Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" replica is solid and durable, ensuring the weapon can withstand wear and everyday use for many years. Its weight of 2,530 grams and length of 94 cm make it feel like a genuine firearm.

This replica features an authentic and detailed design, including the iconic yellow color on the top of the receiver and a silver loading lever that contrasts with the rest of the replica. The stock and forend are made of quality wood, giving the replica a classic and authentic look.

In summary, the Denix replica of the Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle is an exceptional piece that will delight firearm lovers and antique weapon collectors. With its authentic design and exceptional details, this replica is a work of art that captures the essence of the Old West and is a perfect addition to any weapon collection.

Title: Denix Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle Replica - Historical Craftsmanship and Precision - Reference D1140L

Description: The Denix Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" Rifle replica (Reference D1140L) is a gem for collectors and enthusiasts of firearm history. This rifle, designed in 1866, was the first in the famous series of Winchester lever-action rifles, marking a milestone in firearm history.

Product Specifications:

Total Length: 94 cm, a detailed and faithful reproduction. Mechanisms: Simulates the firing and lever-action loading mechanisms, characteristic of the historical model. Material: High-quality construction, combining wood and metals. Historical Context: The Winchester 1866 was an evolution of the 1860 Henry rifle and retained the .44 Henry ammunition, known for its use during the American Civil War. Oliver Winchester, after acquiring the New Haven Arms Company, transformed the Henry design, improving the mechanism and creating the 1866 model, which was distinguished by its bronze alloy frame.

Winchester 1866 Rifle Replica Denix Historical Rifle Collectible Firearms Lever-Action Rifle Historical Importance Narrative: The Winchester 1866 is a key piece in the evolution of firearms. Its innovative design and repetitive firing capability positioned it as an essential tool in the conquest and expansion of the American West. This rifle is not only a symbol of the technological ingenuity of the era but also a cultural icon.

The Denix replica of the Winchester 1866 "Yellow Boy" offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. Its detailed design and construction faithful to the original make it an indispensable element for collectors and enthusiasts of firearm history.

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