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Replica Winchester Model 92 Carbine, 1892 - Denix 1068/G


Discover the replica of the Model 92 Carbine, USA 1892, reference 1068/G by Denix, an American West classic. Designed by John Browning as a lighter version of Model 1886, this lever-action repeating carbine became a benchmark of its time. Primarily used with .44-40 Winchester cartridges, it was Winchester's innovative response to Marlin's models, noted for its ease of use and effectiveness

The Model 92, though introduced post the closing of the American frontier, became an icon of Western mythology, featuring in hundreds of movies and TV shows, used by characters like John Wayne and Chuck Connors. Denix's replica, true to the original design, measures 94 cm, weighs 2.520 g, and is made with quality materials like wood and metal, making it a coveted piece for collectors and Western genre enthusiasts

173,00€ tax incl.

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