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Replica of the Legendary Walther PPK from World War II: An Icon of Military History


The Denix 1277 replica is an accurate representation of the Walther PPK, an iconic firearm of World War II. Originally made in Germany in 1931, this semi-automatic pistol was distinguished by its safe mechanism and compact size. Notably used by the German army, it is infamously known as the weapon with which Adolf Hitler committed suicide.

Its advanced design features, such as being able to carry a bullet in the chamber without accidental discharge risk, made it a favorite weapon for Western secret services. It also gained popularity in popular culture as the weapon of choice for the fictional secret agent James Bond in several films.

The Denix 1277 replica meticulously captures these historical qualities. It is made of metal with black abs grips, providing an authentic look and feel. The measurements of the replica are 18 cm in length, and it weighs 590 g, reflecting the compact and manageable size of the original.

This collectible is a tribute to a significant piece of military history, allowing enthusiasts and collectors to own a part of the 20th-century wartime legacy.

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94,23€ tax incl.

 German Waffen-SS PPK favourite of most german officers in WW2

  • Real size replica 
  • Weight 590 grs
  • Length 18 cms
  • Cast metal body
  • The locks on the replica firearms are mechanically functional.
  • Non-firing replica.

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