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SMLE MK III Rifle of 1907, Great Britain: Denix's Historical Replica, Ref. 1090 - Iconic Weapon of World Wars"


Explore the SMLE MK III Rifle, a historical piece from Great Britain, 1907, meticulously recreated by Denix (Ref. 1090). This rifle, designed by Lee-Enfield, played a pivotal role in the World Wars, serving as the primary weapon of the British army and the Commonwealt  Its design, originating in 1895 as a derivative of the Lee-Metford, was revolutionary, offering a faster bolt system and a high-capacity magazine. The SMLE MK III, introduced in 1907, incorporated significant improvements like a fixed magazine guide and simplified rear sights. During the First World War, this rifle proved to be superior in battle, though its production was challenging due to high demand. It remained in use even in the Second World War, with significant production in India and Australia

Denix's replica measures 113 cm and weighs 3.335 g, faithfully replicating the original's characteristics. Made with wood and metal, this replica captures not just the historical essence but is also an essential collector's item

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