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Mare's Leg Rifle USA 1892 Replica - Denix 1095: Historic and Collectible Firearm


Discover the replica of the iconic Mare's Leg rifle, Ref. 1095, by Denix. This accurate reproduction, measuring 50 cm and weighing 1,487 g, captures the essence of the American West and the Civil War era (1861-1899). Made from metal and wood, it features a simulated loading and firing mechanism, reminiscent of the legendary short repeating rifle with lever action. Famous for its use in the series 'Wanted: Dead or Alive' (1958-1961) by Steve McQueen as Josh Randall, this model stands out for its robust design and use of short revolver cartridges. Ideal for collectors and historical reenactors

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135,08€ tax incl.


  • The locks on the replica firearms are mechanically functional.
  • Cast metals barrel 
  • Wood handle
  • length 50 cms
  • Weight 1487 grs
  • Non-firing replica

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