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Denix 1106/NQ Peacemaker Cal.45 5½" Revolver Replica: Legacy and Precision


Explore the replica of the legendary Peacemaker Cal.45 5½ inch revolver, Denix model 1106/NQ. This faithful reproduction, 30.5 cm long and weighing 975 g, is made of metal and wood, with a simulated loading and firing mechanism and a rotating drum. Originating in 1873 and designed by Samuel Colt, this revolver marked an era in U.S. history. Used by the army and later widely adopted by citizens, its popularity in the old West was driven by its compatibility with Winchester M1873 rifle ammunition. Also known as Single Action Army, Frontier, or Widowmaker, this iconic revolver has been immortalized in Western cinema by stars like John Wayne and Gary Cooper, becoming a symbol of American culture.

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