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M1 Carbine USA 1941 - Denix Replica Ref. 1120/C: Details and Historical Context


Dive into military history with the M1 Carbine USA 1941 replica by Denix, reference 1120/C. This carbine, emblematic in World War II and the Korean War, was one of the standard weapons of the United States Army. The M1 Carbine, measuring 90 cm in length and weighing 2,172 g, is a masterpiece in wood and metal. Denix's replica captures the essence of the original, known for its lightness and efficiency. Used by both military forces and civilians, the M1 Carbine became an icon of American weaponry.

Designed by Winchester in 1944, the M1 Carbine was essential on many battlefronts, admired for its precision and reliability. Not just a key combat piece, it's also a favorite among collectors and military history enthusiasts. By acquiring this replica, you're not just getting a collectible item, but a vibrant piece of military history. Perfect for exhibitions, historical education, or adding to your personal collection of World War II relics.

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