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Denix M1 Garand Rifle Replica 1105: Iconic WWII Weapon - Metal and Wood


Explore the replica of the legendary M1 Garand rifle by Denix, reference 1105, a symbol of military history. This replica, crafted in metal and wood, features a simulated loading and firing mechanism, reflecting Denix's quality and authenticity. Designed by John C. Garand in 1928, the M1 Garand was the first standard semi-automatic rifle used by the U.S. infantry. It was prominent in World War II, the Korean War, and partially in the Vietnam War, praised by General George Patton as 'the greatest battle implement ever devised'

This rifle, 110 cm long and weighing 3,480 g, is essential for collectors and military history enthusiasts. The M1 Garand was known for its gas-operated feeding system and unique en-bloc clip system, a significant technological advancement of its time. Denix's replica captures these details, offering an experience close to the original.

With this replica, you'll relive the most famous battles of World War II, immersing yourself in the history and design that made the M1 Garand a symbol of American military innovation

259,00€ tax incl.

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