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harps Military Carbine 1859 Replica - Denix Ref. 1142 - Authenticity and Detail


The Replica of the Sharps Military Carbine from 1859, reference 1142 by Denix, is a faithful recreation of one of the most emblematic weapons of the American Civil War. Made of wood and metal, this replica measures 101 cm in length and weighs 2,505 g, reflecting the era's craftsmanship. Based on Christian Sharps' original 1848 design, the Sharps carbine was an armament innovation with its lifting bolt and unusual priming mechanism, facilitating firing with fulminate capsules.

This model was crucial in the cavalry of both sides during the Civil War, known for its reliability and ease of use in combat. With about 90,000 units of the Model 1859 made, its presence was significant in battles and was adapted to the changing needs of the battlefield, even modified for new metallic cartridges in the late 1860s. These modifications allowed the Sharps carbine to continue in use during the Indian Wars, demonstrating its versatility and durability.

Ideal for military history enthusiasts, collectors, and historical reenactors, Denix's replica captures the essence of this historical weapon, offering a load and fire simulator mechanism for a more authentic experience. Dive into the history of the American West with this exceptional quality replica, a tribute to the era's engineering and gun design!

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