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Replica M3 Caliber .45 'Grease Gun' USA 1942 (WWII) - Denix Ref. 1313: Historical Authenticity


Discover the replica of the emblematic M3 Caliber .45 'Grease Gun' from Denix, reference 1313, a key piece of American military history. Designed in 1941 by George Hyde, this machine gun was a symbol in WWII, standing out for its efficacy and simplicity. Made of metal, the Denix replica measures 59 cm and weighs 3,145 g, faithfully replicating the original design.

Known as 'Grease Gun' for its resemblance to mechanical greasers, this weapon played a crucial role in various conflicts, including the Korean and Vietnam wars, remaining active until the 90s. Its production reached about 600,000 units at the end of WWII. The Grease Gun represented the American response to European submachine guns and was a significant advancement in terms of cost and production efficiency compared to the Thompson M1928A1.

Denix's replica captures the essence of this iconic submachine gun, offering collectors and military history enthusiasts a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. It is perfect for historical reenactments, exhibitions, or as part of a private collection, highlighting its authenticity and historical value. Every detail has been carefully replicated, ensuring not only an authentic appearance but also a tribute to the engineering and legacy of the original

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