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Denix Hand Grenade MK 2 or Pineapple Replica - Ref. 738: WWII Icon


The replica of the Hand Grenade MK 2 or Pineapple by Denix, reference 738, is a historical piece from World War II. Measuring 11.5 cm and weighing 416 g, this metal replica reflects the standard fragmentation grenade of the United States Armed Forces since 1918【97†source】. The MK 2, known as "Pineapple" for its distinctive design with a grooved surface, was introduced in 1918, replacing the unreliable MK 1. Its cast iron structure, divided into 40 knobs in 5 rows of 8 columns, was designed to improve fragmentation, although in practice, the grooves proved more useful for providing a better grip when handling and throwing the grenade. Used during World War II and subsequent conflicts, including the Vietnam War, the MK 2 grenade was gradually replaced by more modern models, such as the M67 and M61. The 738 replica by Denix offers an authentic representation of this grenade, being an essential item for collectors and military history enthusiasts.

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