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Denix M-24 Stielhandgranate Grenade Replica - Ref. 737: A Testament to World Wars


Explore the replica of the M-24 Stielhandgranate Grenade by Denix, reference 737, a historical representation of the famous German hand grenade. Measuring 35 cm and weighing 543 g, this replica, made of wood and metal, revives the history of a significant weapon from the World Wars. Introduced in 1915, the stick grenade was developed during World War I, featuring a friction detonator, an uncommon method in other countries but widely used in German grenades. The Model 24 grenade, known for its distinctive appearance, became the standard hand grenade of the German army, nicknamed as "stick grenade" or "potato masher" in British military slang . Its design included a high-explosive charge in a thin steel can, being an example of an offensive rather than a defensive grenade. Moreover, its handle provided a lever that increased throwing distance, making it a useful tool for clearing infantry positions in trenches. The 737 replica by Denix provides an authentic view of this iconic war artifact, perfect for collectors and military history enthusiasts

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