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Replica of the STG 44 Rifle, Germany 1943 Ref. Denix 1125/C: Historical Accuracy and Craftsmanship i


Immerse yourself in the history of World War II with the replica of the STG 44 Rifle, Germany 1943, created by Denix under reference 1125/C. This meticulously crafted replica reflects the revolutionary German engineering, being one of the most emblematic weapons of the conflict. With dimensions of 93 cm in length and a weight of 4.824 g, this masterpiece in wood, metal, and leather captures the authenticity and detail of the original StG 44, known as the world's first assault rifle.

The StG 44 played a crucial role in the evolution of modern warfare, influencing the design of subsequent assault rifles. Denix's ability to recreate this historical piece with such precision is a testament to their commitment to quality and historical fidelity. This replica is not just a collectible item but also an invaluable educational piece, providing deep insight into the military and technological advancements of the time. Owning this replica means having a tangible fragment of military history, ideal for exhibitions, historical education, or as an essential addition to any historical weapon collection.

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