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Réplica da Pistola Browning HP ou GP35: Um Ícone da História Militar


Discover the replica of the Browning HP or GP35 Pistol, manufactured by Denix with reference 1235, a true representation of a military history classic. Originally from Belgium in 1935, this pistol stood out in World War II and numerous subsequent conflicts, including the Vietnam War and the Cuban Revolution

Designed by John Browning and Dieudonné Saive, the Browning High Power (technically known as P35) is famous for its reliability, accuracy, and ergonomics. Its name, GP-35, comes from the French initials "Grande Puissance" (High Power), highlighting its magazine capacity for 13 cartridges, almost double that of contemporary designs like the Luger P08

Measurements: 23 cm
Weight: 830 g
Materials: Metal and black plastic

This Denix model meticulously reflects the characteristics that made the HP or GP35 an iconic model in the history of firearms. FN Herstal, its original manufacturer, ceased its production in 2018, marking the end of an era for this legendary weapon

106,62€ tax incl.

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