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Denix Peacemaker Cal.45 4,75" Replica Revolver: Authenticity & Historical Precision


Denix Peacemaker Cal.45, 4.75" Replica Revolver (Ref. 1-1186/N): This detailed replica of the legendary Peacemaker revolver, also known as the Single Action Army (SAA), originally designed by Samuel Colt in 1873, is a collector's gem and a history enthusiast's delight. Made with high-quality materials like metal and wood, this replica features a simulated loading and firing mechanism and a rotating drum, offering a realistic experience.

  • Dimensions: 29 cm in length.
  • Weight: 1,010 g, ideal for handling and display.
  • Materials: Perfect blend of metal and wood.

Historically, the Peacemaker revolver was initially used by the U.S. military and quickly became popular among North American citizens in the late 19th-century Wild West, particularly due to its ammunition compatibility with the Winchester M1873 rifle. Nicknamed "Peacemaker", "Frontier", and "Widowmaker", this revolver symbolizes a crucial era in American history and has been immortalized in numerous classic westerns, associated with legendary figures such as John Wayne, Gary Cooper, Theodore Roosevelt, and George S. Patton​

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