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45 Peacemaker Revolver Replica, 12 Inches - Wild West Legend USA 1873


Relive the golden era of the American West with the Denix Peacemaker .45, 12" revolver replica. Designed by Samuel Colt in 1873, this iconic revolver, also known as 'Single Action Army', stands out for its 12-inch 'Buntline Special' barrel and its popularity among legendary figures like Wyatt Earp. Featuring details in metal and wood, simulated loading and firing mechanism, and rotating drum, this revolver was not only a weapon of the U.S. Army, but also a symbol in Western cinema, associated with stars like John Wayne. Dimensions: 46 cm, Weight: 1,100 g."

  • Dimensions: 46 cm
  • Weight: 1,100 g
  • Materials: Wood and Metal

82,50€ tax incl.

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